Most Important Meal of the Day...

...regardless whenever you had it

What'd you have for breakfast?
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The Breakfast Club
They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I have a friend who believes it's not officially the next day until you've gone to sleep. By the same token, I feel that the first meal of the day, regardless at what time you have it, is breakfast; I don't believe in brunch. Hell, after a week of hard work I sometimes don't get out of bed Saturday until a little after sunset...

...and then I have breakfast.

The rules of this community are simple, seeing as there's really only one rule. Anytime you're online and find yourself on livejournal you come here and post what you had for breakfast that day. That's all, nothing terribly complicated.

Oh, since it will likely come up a lot in my posts a lot...when I say I had a bowl of cereal that is a full meal. I don't use a standard bowl but a tupperware one that you could probably fit about 3 or 4 normal sized bowls in. It's very filling.

You don't need to list the time of your meal but can if you like.

Clarification: if the above wasn't clear enough, for the sake of this community breakfast is defined as whatever food stuffs you eat first in any given day. If you don't eat until late evening that's the meal you write about here.

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